In general, any organisation requiring a load to be lifted, which does not own its own crane, has two basic options:

Hiring a crane (Crane Hire)
Employing a contractor to carry out the lifting operation (Contract Lift)

Crane Hire should only be undertaken by individuals or organisations that have sufficient knowledge, experience and training in performing a lifting operation safely.

If an individual/organisation does not have the expertise in lifting operations, does not have the correctly-trained personnel or just wishes to take the worry out of completing a detailed lifting operation and insurance arrangements themselves, then we can help. We can provide a comprehensive contract solution with an emphasis on safety.

Crane Hire                                                                                                      

In a crane hire agreement the client is to plan the lift, select a suitable crane, prepare the method statement, risk assessment & lift plan, supervise the lift and be responsible for the lifting operation.
When the crane arrives at the lift location the crane operator should not start the lifting operation until he has seen the lift plan and discussed it with the supervisor. The competent person has the responsibility for ensuring the lift plan is adequate but the crane operator will need to be satisfied that it covers all the necessary elements. This should not be interpreted as the crane operator taking responsibility for the planning of the job. In a similar manner if a representative from Waterford Crane Hire visits the site to gather information for the rigging of the crane or to assist the client in the selection of the crane then this should not be interpreted as taking responsibility for planning the overall lifting operation.

When hiring a crane the client should ensure it has sufficient insurance to cover:

  • Loss/damage to the crane/vehicle/equipment whilst on site under the customers control
  • Loss/damage to the goods being lifted
  • Continuing hire charges whilst the crane/vehicle/equipment is out of use for repairs following damage
  • Injury to Owner's driver/operator and/or other employees whilst on site in the performance of the lifting contract subject to certain limitations.

Contract Lift                                                                                                   

Under the terms and conditions of a Contract Lift, the crane, as well as any extra equipment provided, the operator and all personnel, (including the Appointed Person / Lift Supervisor) are the responsibility of ourselves, the crane owner.
We are also responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the lift and will supply the following:

  • Site Survey
  • Appointed Person
  • Lift Supervisor
  • Slinger / Signaller(s)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Method Statement
  • Lift Plans

We will also provide insurance cover for the following:

  • Loss/damage to the plant/equipment caused solely by the Owner's negligence in the performance of the lifting contract.
  • Loss/damage to third party property caused solely by the Owner's negligence in the performance of the lifting contract subject to certain conditions and/or limits.

We recommend that customers who are not experienced in hiring cranes take the contract lift option to give them peace of mind that their liabilities have been covered and they are getting the safest solution to their lifting requirements.

Our other services include:

  • All-Terrain Cranes from 30 tonne to 800 tonne
  • Compact City Cranes from 13 tonne to 50 tonne
  • Haulage / Transport
  • Slinger / Signallers
  • Machinery installation & removal

We can also provide special lifting tackle such as:

  • Man baskets
  • Concrete skips
  • Spreader beams
  • Spreader / lifting frames
  • Heavy lifting beams
  • Wide range of slings
  • Wide range of shackles
  • Heavy duty wire ropes

Crane Size Guide                                                                                             

0.5 tonne to 20 tonne:

21 tonne to 40 tonne: