Waterford Distillery Conversion (25/09/2015)

We were recently contracted to assist in the conversion of the old Guinness brewery in Waterford City into the new Waterford Distillery over a 3 day period.
A video titled "The Stills" covering the 3 days can be viewed at www.waterforddistillery.ie

Day 1 involved unloading both 2 tonne stills, they're supports, still necks & a 1.5 tonne spirit tank from low loaders while inside the distilling room, for this we chose our Liebherr LTM 1030/2 as it was compact enough to operate inside the distilling room along side the low loaders but also to have enough lifting capactity to install the first and furthest of the stills.

For day 2 we chose to use our Kato MR 220sp City Crane as this was the only crane compact enough to fit inside the distilling room while installing the second of the two stills. Day 3 involved installing both still necks, condensers, lyne arms & the access stairs to the platform.